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Bengal eBoi is the first comprehensive initiative to make eBooks available in Bengali to millions of readers in Bangladesh and around the world. An initiative of Bengal Publications Limited, Bengal eBoi aims at being the leading online platform for Bengali eBooks and other related services.
Bengal Publications was established in 2012, with the purpose of promoting and propagating quality literary work in the Bengali language, and works in English by South Asian writers. Bengal Publications is aligned with the mission and goals of Bengal Foundation, a private trust for the arts, which works towards conserving tradition, allowing diversity, evolution and growth from within, and upholding a positive image of Bangladesh by disseminating information about its cultural wealth. In the course of extended effort to promote Bengali Books as well as the English Books written by the South Asian writers in a modern form and allow millions of Smart Phone, Tab, e-Reading devices (i.e. Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo) users to access the Books digitally, Bengal eBoi start its journey in January, 2016.
With the cutting edge technology, today's books and publications are not confined to only paper printed version. eBooks are making their presence in our everyday lives with increasing use of computers, smart phones, tablets and specialized eBook readers like Amazon Kindle. Demand for eBooks that can be read on these devices is growing rapidly. Readers of Bengali books are also seeking their favorite books in electronic format. We began our journey to serve as the single source of all Bengali eBooks related services. Currently, we run an online store with a vast collection of eBooks most of which are published in Bengali language. Anybody can access that library globally and can download both the free and paid books with a few tap on the screen.
We respect your beliefs and choices as a reader and put our best effort to fulfill your needs with our wide variety of books and other publications. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you.
* Bengali eBook in PDF, EPUB & MOBI format.
* Readable almost all the eBook reading Devices.
* Built in eBook Reader.
* Books of different genres; i.e. Story, Novel, Poetry, Classics, Creative, Bangladesh Liberation War, Science Fiction, Romance, Biography, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery & Horror, Sports, Art & Photography, Education & Research, Science & Technology, Politics and many more.
* A good number of free eBooks.
* Easy Payment Method for both local (Bangladesh) and global reader.



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